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Re: Re: One with the Universe

Don J. Modesto (Don_Modesto) wrote:
Wary of what havoc mere verbal ticks can cause, I tend to "put off until more information is available" problems like this. The universe seems like a pretty big proposition to me. I'm sure I would be startled into a coma just becoming one with my zip code. In order to make any sense at all of such things, I recur to metaphorical interepretation. I wonder if, indeed, it wasn't metaphor intended. No one looks for a wound on someone stuck on the horns of a dilemma; need we seek nebulae and black holes considering "the universe"?

(Also, didn't the founder himself call aikido variously the art of peace and love?)
Well, yes. Compared to what the Founder had to say in "Takemusu Aiki" and "Aiki Shinzui", Tohei Sensei's comments seem relatively simple. Are we to take the "Kojiki" and "Reikai Monogatari" (the source of the Founder's discourses) literally?

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