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Re: One with the Universe

Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
Then there are people who call Aikido "The Art of Peace", when it's not. harmony or union, Universal Energy/Life Force, Way or Path therefore Aikido can be translated into the Way to Union with the Universal Energy.
It could be. Of course, "aiki", with a different character for "ai" but the same "ki" kanji, could be translated as "belch". Not too much universal energy/life force in there...

Same goes for many of the hundreds of words that use "ki" as part of their construction. It can be tricky translating something out of context, especially when what you are talking about it not really three words ("ai+ki+do") but two ("aiki+do"). Anyway, if you hang around with translators long enough you'll find that most are of the opinion that there is really no such thing as a direct translation, especially with a word as abstruse as "aiki".



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