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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

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The only reason Hombu Shihan cross into other organizations is because the organizations want a connection to Hombu, and not with each other. There's nothing preventing Organization A and Organization B from recognizing each other's shihan. But because both A and B want to be affiliated with the Hombu, naturally Hombu Shihan will be recognized by both. It's the result of the cultural and historical cachet that Hombu Dojo has, not any rigging of the system by the Aikikai.

If Wagner Bull was doing a seminar for an ASU dojo, would the ASU dojo call him "shihan"? My guess is, yes they would. So what exactly is the issue here?
If each organization was issuing their own shihan certificate, it wouldn't be such an issue. But they don't. The Aikikai issues the shihan certificate. That's the disconnect for me.

If the Aikikai issues shihan certificates for an organization and that status is only recognized within that organization and then if the Aikikai issues shihan certificates to its own Aikikai Honbu training staff and that status crosses over to all organizations affiliated with the Aikikai, then there is a higher status granted to Aikikai shihans as compared to other organizational shihans.

If that's true, then the Aikikai isn't really recognizing "shihan" status to people in organizations at all. If it did, then those people in other organizations would have the same status as Aikikai honbu shihan.

Again, if that isn't what's happening, I certainly hope someone will correct me.
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