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Re: Aikido spear- Aikiso

Fred Little wrote: View Post
Owari Kan Ryu is a very formidable -- and distinctive -- system of sojutsu, not least because of its use of (among a number of types of spear) a kuda-yari, or a spear with a sleeve on the shaft, typically held with the distal hand, and allowing the trained exponent to repeatedly thrust (while maintaining control of the spear) at a much higher rate than is possible with a standard spear. So much faster, in fact, that it compares to a standard spear in much the same way that a semi-automatic rifle compares with a bolt action rifle. That speed is what is visible in the clip cited above.
No it isn't - faster. (shock horror again?)
The clip I linked to (the first one I found showing competition) shows normal speed from two fairly fit guys using spears in theirs hands as usual : if they turn out to have had tubes ... it still looks perfectly normal to me, and identical to my use of a normal spear without a tube. It is fast. Fast is normal. Fast is necessary.
They look like I'd expect them to look, they look like they are doing effective spear combat with safety measures. No more no less, this stuff is universal.
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