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Re: Memorial Day and Zanshin

Thanks for the read, Matt.

As a couple of casual observations:
1. I think we could all use a little more understanding of Memorial day and a great appreciation for the scope and sacrifice of our military. In another post I defined courage and bravery for me; our men and women in uniform make courageous and brave acts all the time. Often, they are not recognized for these works. It is a solemn event that we recognize them after they gave everything.
2. I think we live, generally, apart from the reality of war. In part because we work hard to keep fighting off US soil, in part because our foreign interests lie in other places, in part because we receive a narrative that propagandizes our efforts.

There was once a distinction between a civillian, citizen and soldier. While not necessarily unique to combat, it is important that we seek to remain aware of our surroundings at all times. This is actually a documented issue with soldiers leaving active duty who are unable to desensitize their awareness within a civillian setting. When you check windows for a scope or barrel for 2 years, you don't stop just because you hop off a boat state-side.

For the "whatever generation" I think it is important to encourage responsibility and education.

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