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Thanks. Just to clarify: I thought Aiki-age was more or less equivalent to kokyu-ho (suwari or otherwise, solo or paired) . Hence my interest in this:
Not really, but to put it plainly;
Aiki-age is a hand turning waza for those who don't know deeper things.
Aiki-age is everything for those who do know deeper things.
I would say the same about the original purpose of Kokyu-ho, but I just haven't met anyone in the art who knows the deeper teaching of kokyu-ho or who can't simply be stopped. I keep hearing about it, I just haven't seen or felt it.
Jamming or stopping people "who do get it" can be quite a difficult task. I stand people back up on their feet from seiza with kokyu ho, but I am not really using my arms to do it. You can copy it with a big muscle movement, but such is the way of people trying to mimic.
So my question was whether Sagawa sensei changed Aiki-age (assuming it is equivalent to Kokyu-ho).
Maybe a better question is what did he say in class and what was ...he...actually doing.
Then again what is ...aiki age that could be changed?
What creates aiki-age cannot truly be changed, while the external movement can be altered all over the place to look like many things.

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