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Re: Aiki no Rentai

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Thanks Chris

What I thought was interesting was the difference: Keeping the hands straight vs. the "slight rotation". Am I right in thinking that while Takeda and Osensei emphasised the "te-no-kaeshi", Sagawa changed it to keeping the hands straight? I notice Akuzawa Sensei of the Aunkai also keeps the hands straight. I haven't found any videos of other IP/Aiki exponents doing the exercise to compare, but it seems that even te sabaki can be viewed as "waza". In other words, could stripping it down be a way of going for "raw" kokyu-ryoku outside of the method of deployment?

NB: Suwari Kokyu-Ho is one of only two "techniques" that Osensei didn't seem to mind having written down in a list of rules as something that should be done in daily practice.

I'm thinking that the quote was talking more about the bending and hooking that goes on with the wrists so often in kokyo-ho rather than anything different from what Takeda or Ueshiba was doing.

I don't know about Ark - but I'll try and remember to ask Rob about it when I see him next month.



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