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Re: Defining the word "Aiki" and looking at the phenomenon it describes.

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Here's a video that has Chen Xiaowang being 'rooted' against a couple of different people - the video is corny, and it's Chinese, but it probably the closest video you'll find to the tenryu/osensei deal.

At 3:28 you can see him getting pushed on by a guy that is around 400 pounds.

At the end of the video is him trying to stay in the a circle getting pushed on by a strongman. Here's a the part where the strongman is pushing a semit-truck with a trailer:

Here's the 3 1 minute rounds start at the end where the strongman tries to push Chen Xiaowang out of the circle.

I don't speak Chinese but I would like to know what the strongman is saying at the end after pushing on CXW.
And the interesting thing is on the multiplicity of what it causing the strong man's strength to fail
Is it really failing? In the purest! His strength is actually being applied. That's why he is tired. It's just being applied to a place where it has much less effect on CXW. There is more than one thing going on to make that work, and actually there is so much more he could do if he wanted to. This is just a power display without too much by way of active jins/aiki.

In more realistic encounters neither would be so dedicated to a static display with no real goal in mind other than a show. They would look more normal and be more fluid. The real work is having a strong guy who knows how to fluidly apply multiple and rapid changing force vectors in throws (jujutsu/judo) as well as set ups and punches and kicks....and then playing with those. Push hands is a playground for learning that and it leads to the ability to handle fighting stress-but only if you are willing to go down that road and deal with men with fighting skills. Everything else is cool as well. It's just choices and degrees on a theme.
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