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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

I wrote in haste this morning. To be more clear, I think there are obvious things that are more plausible and simple as explanations for these men and we are straining to make it more complicated than it really is. I think it is obvious that the training of IP/aiki was an adjunct to the main arts. There are any number of cases of men going off to train solo and coming back with "power" It is in budo legends backgrounds all over. The overriding question is, was it a discovery made out of whole cloth or were their specific teachings that laid the foundations -I called them rules of the road- and men went out and burned them and added bits here and there.

I think it is a mistaken idea that Takeda went out and mastered a myriad of weapons arts for the power he displayed as a kid.

However, I think it is a mistaken idea to also downplay potential IP/aiki training in Koryu. The connection from the body skills in weapons to the body skills in aiki is startling and clear. Unfortunately there like everywhere else many can't see it and as at least one school told Ellis.."Yeah those old guys really had power...but we don't do that stuff anymore in our practice!"
We have so many modern examples to prove it out as well.
Sagawa said the same things "Takeda said not to talk about it"
" Solo training was something you did on your own"
Tokimune said "My guys don't want to do it either" to the Takumakia teacher
As I said "The Fighting Spirit of Japan" book has the aikijujutsu guy stating few know it, and weirdly our Englishman is told that this 6 th dan judoka is unthrowable when he uses it. one talked about it. Oh well

I was trying to say that I think you have to be taught the rules of the road, the basics in IP/aiki in order to move forward on your own. So you can have both.

The Tanamo/Shiro/ Sokaku stuff I don't really care that much about.
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