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Re: Grading too fast???????

Bronson Diffin wrote:
Speaking of that Jun...I notice in the list of ranks that you've got 7th dan as shichidan. I've always heard it as nanadan. Is one more correct than the other?
I've heard both used in that case. I wonder if Peter Goldsbury or Chris Li has more information on the term "shichidan" versus "nanadan."

Howard Dyke wrote:
I just asked the receptionist here at work about use of shi and yon.

She couldn't articulate a clearly defined rule that applies, but the examples she gave seem to indicate that yon is used when you identify four nouns or for time.

Shi is used less than yon and shi is the older, Chinese word whereas yon is uniquely Japanese. The only example I can think of is shiho nage - so direction uses shi.
I believe Howard's thoughts are correct, in general, that "yon" and "nana" are usually used as an cardinal descriptor (four cows, four people, four o'clock) and "shi" and "shichi" are usually used for counting. There are exceptions such as "shiho" which use "shi" since it's part of a compound noun.

Si Wilson wrote:
I was told (by my first Aikido Sensei|) that to use "Yon" on its own is bad luck, so it is substituted with "Shi", but is genrally used in longer words - eg. "Yonkajo"/"Yonkyo". But then "Shiho Nage" kind of deffies that rule?
I can't say I've ever heard of "yon" being bad luck. "Shi" is also a homonym for "death" (shi), so I've heard some Japanese people do not like using that term and sometimes even the number (like the number 13 in Western cultures). I can't say I've ever heard of a distinction when to use "shi" or "yon" according to how long a word is, either. So, to me at least, neither the "yon is bad luck" nor "use yon in longer words" jives with my knowledge of the Japanese language.

Once again, I wonder if Peter or Chris have any thoughts on this...

-- Jun

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