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Re: PBT question

Mr. Fooks,

I appreciate your comments and believe it or not we agree. The drive behind my comments is that a great number of aikidoka (not necessarily those that have posted on this thread) make a couple of claims that I find naive. I also post on a couple other threads and I've done a bit of dojo visiting here in the Southern California area and I've noticed the following:

1. I've never visited an aikido dojo or attended a seminar where there was any decent atemi training. Therefore I tend to question aikidoka in general when they thinh they are going to be effective in striking. I firmly agree that cross training is great for this, that's why I've crosstrained in pure striking arts for a few years now!

2. Aikido is often proffered as the ultimate art for multiple attacks with varied supporting arguements. My personal feeling is that three guys with any skill coming at me and there is at least one person that won't be walking away. I'm a bigger fan of a nice low roundhouse to collapse the knee and then a hook rather than a cross, but that's just me.

3. More than one aikido has expressed to me the opinion that busting skulls is not aikido and that atemi is not intended to be the main thrust of the movement. Now I don't agree with this. I firmly agree with one sensei who translates irimi as "entering with destructive force"

As for the no-win situation, I'd have to say that for the nages in the video, 3 on 1 seemed to be pretty much a no-win.

I also recognize that even against a single skilled opponent there si no guarantee that you can keep you feet, much less three. I spent too many years of aikido training being told to do "this, that or the other thing" against someone coming in for a takedown. The a BJJ guy introduced me to a really nice single leg!

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