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Re: PBT question

Couple of comments:

Yes three man randori is tough, but then again isn't this a realm where aikido in theory excels? Flowing with the movement, not getting involved with one person etc... If your immediate reaction to a tough situation is to knock peoples teeth out, are you also training heavily in atmei to back that up? What about two guys, do you still just bang heads or do you practice your aikido then. What about one really bug guy with bad breathe? How quickly are you going to abandon your aikido and start crushing genitalia?

Second, at the end of the tape, you hear Seagal Sensei saying "show what you've got when you've got nothing left". That's how I interpreted the test randori. Put someone in a no-win situation and see if they still keep trying to survive or do they just give up. My sensei has a tendency to push us to our limits on a test to see whether the mind, body or spirit gives out first. I've also seen it in othr dojos and other arts. Fairly common I think.

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