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Re: Winning.

[quote=Dave Organ]
That's why I go so freaking ballistic when I see people talking about 'winning' a violent encounter - because it just shows they don't understand in the vast majority of cases.
Dave, nice to reply to your post. Your post are always challenging to reply, and in the same time, provide food for thought. I try my best...

You arrive at this ability to think this way is due to your fortunate/unfortunate encounter in your past. You were a soldier, and it is part of your job to face the ugly side of humanity. You went ballistic at someone because he thinks that winning equals victory or something like that. Please understand that not everyone you meet have the same experience as you. I am not sure if the person that you went ballistic at appreciate your concern. He may not understand simply because he is not you and he doesn't have the same experience to understand your view. Their ignorance are natural. Think back if you were not you and did not have the experience, will you understand what yourself is talking? Having said that, thanks, your post has made many people think outside the box, including moi..

In the safety; pleasure and comfort of the Dojo; we tend to forget that what we are practicing is a brutally efficient defensive system; one which can spell mayhem or death to the attacker if done properly.
True, it also in the very same dojo we learn to appreciate compassion. Compassion to the person receiving the technique because we know how much it will hurt if done in the combative manner. It is from this compassion that we are able to value our own live and that of our adversary. Out of this compassionate attitude blossom a kind of mutual understanding, somewhat akin to mutual welfare... you know that sort of mambo jumbo.

Therefore; there is only one way to win - truly win - and that is not to play.
Without playing you never learn. Let me ask you again, if you never 'play', can you come to such a mental conclusion. So how is never play equate to truly win? I equate that as championing the attitude of "Ignorance is bliss".

Again I reiterate, Dave, your post are a challenge to reply.

Next, there is something I would like to solicit your opinion...

In your post you mentioned that you were sick and regret (i hope I convey the right message) the past taking of life in your previous capacity as a professional soldier. I remember also you mentioned in previous post, that you are suffering from many injuries bourned in your course of work. In my understanding of cause and effect (the dharmic effect), whatever dharmic cause you have created will follow you. I speculate, that the pain you are suffering maybe the effect of previous action.
If you believe it, then be comforted that your past effort are slowly being retributed in this manner and your dharmic soul is slowly purged of bad dharma. Of course this is based solely on my understanding of dharmic cause and effect. Other religion explain suffering in different manner.

If I have hit a sensitive topic, please excuse me, I will refrain from furthering this topic.


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