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Well I had been hoping to avoid doing kaitennage for a while but I finally got a chance to go to a Friday morning class and of course that was the technique we did. And last night when sensei used me as uke for demonstrating a technique it was kaitennage, omote and ura! I've discovered though, that alot of the trouble I'm having is due to the way nage throws me. On Friday morning I had a few awkward rolls though they weren't painful, and no problems when it was sensei throwing me. And again,last night when sensei threw me my rolls were fine, but when we went to work in pairs the first time my partner threw me I landed hard on my back.This time I noticed that he had my arm in different position then sensei had, so he corrected that for his next throw and everything was fine after that. Of course my rolls still need work but I'm no longer worried about rolling out of kaitennage, at least not with sensei throwing me


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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