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when I say jump, I mean;

"to propel yourself prematurely on your own accord by guessing the nage's intention'

this is a no-no in ukemi. (and this brings up some bad memories too)
Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
Hi Ted,

Kaitennage, in my experience, doesn't leave me with such an option to jump into the roll when done quickly and vigorously. When it's done with the balance break, head cradle, and vertical axis rotation, there is just no way that I know of to jump into the ukemi; rather, it's more like a breakfall with th erotation point being near the head and also spinning horizontally (along the vertical axis) -- not the easiest ukemi.

-- Jun
The advanced kaitennage (quickly and vigorously, complete with the balance break, head cradle and vertical axis rotation) isn't supposed to be practiced by people with passing familiarity with breakfalls anyway. I know someone who stopped aikido because of this mistake.

Regular kaitennage where the nage let go after the final shove., executed slowly should allow the uke to learn rolling easily.

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