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Hi Ted,
Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
What I've been taught and do, is jump. As soon as you feel the throw coming on, you jump into your forward roll. You can't wait for the nage to complete the technique or else you'll go spinning off at an angle and land on your side.
For me, at least, I make sure to pretty much never jump into a roll or a fall since I feel that's something I can only do when I have the option to do so. When the option is taken away, then what? Also, doing so seems like a disconnect on uke's part; I try to keep the connection all the way into the roll/fall if possible...

Kaitennage, in my experience, doesn't leave me with such an option to jump into the roll when done quickly and vigorously. When it's done with the balance break, head cradle, and vertical axis rotation, there is just no way that I know of to jump into the ukemi; rather, it's more like a breakfall with th erotation point being near the head and also spinning horizontally (along the vertical axis) -- not the easiest ukemi.

Things I keep in mind include moving from my center, tucking my head into the fall, and staying relaxed...

-- Jun

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