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Auction Items Request - Barbara Bown Medical Fund

Hi everyone,

Barbara Bowen, an aikido student/shodan in Texas, recently suffered a brain aneurysm and is looking at a very hefty medical bill of upwards of $100,000. You can view John Riggs's original posting about this here:

Rob Burrell (Col. Clink) in New Zealand came up with the idea of holding an online auction on AikiWeb to raise money for Barbara's medical funds. I had originally came up with the idea of donating the proceeds of selling five AikiWeb T-shirts (total of $75) to go to this fund, but I like this idea more. Rob is also willing to send a T-shirt from the New Zealand Ki Society to the winner as well.

My request at this time is for folks out there in the aikido community who are willing to pitch something into this auction to commit to a donation for the auction. Things that I believe would be great include a T-shirt from your dojo, a book which you've authored, aikido artwork, aikido supplies, and such.

What I'm hoping to do is either setting up a quick auction type of thread on the AikiWeb Forums for people to "bid" on the collection of items or I can put the items up on E-bay. When we've reached a winner, AikiWeb will collect the winning bid from the bidder. When the winning bid comes through, I'll send it into the medical fund and let everyone know. At that time, I'll contact the people who have promised to donate the item(s) with the address to which the item(s) should be shipped. So, basically, people donating things into this auction would be covering the cost of the item(s) as well as shipping (which may be international).

At this point, I'd like to know if there are folks here who would be willing to donate something into the auction. I'd like to start the auction on Monday, January 13th, and run it for at least one week, so I'd like to have commitments in by Friday, January 10th.

So, if people could look for something they can donate and/or ask their instructor at the dojo if they'd be willing to donate something, I'd appreciate it. Please get back to me, though, with your commitment before January 10th.


-- Jun

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