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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Greetings Niall,

I am so amazed at the attempts to hijack my post, that I am at a loss as to how to appropriately respond to those I can respect and admire. Thank you for sanely bringing us back to the original discussion, and for your astute viewpoints.

The third paragraph was intended to portray the plight of “newbies” to the discussion on Aikido, and you certainly are not to be painted with that brush. Your astute and enlightening contributions are gold, and I look forward to your future postings.

I do apologize to those who may misunderstand my intentions, but I won’t change my fundamental position anytime soon. O Sensei’s magnificent Opus was the opening salvo for the campaign to discover all the dimensions of Aiki, not merely those that pertain predominantly to martial intent and legitimacy. It is my belief that the Founder discovered that “Aiki” is a fundamental ingredient in countless ways, and from a myriad of cultures over time. It is about the essential connection between a human being and those principles that resonate with, nourish, and inspire continued growth for that human being. He found it in literature, he found it in calligraphy, he found it in books written by giants from other cultures, he found it in the religions he studied, not only Omoto kyo. He found it in music, etc. etc. etc., like the King of Siam.

For this reason, I maintain that “Aikido” is a word. Perhaps it is a noun, then again, maybe an adjective. Allow it to be whatever you want it to be to express your own understanding of where you are today, and where you want to go from here tomorrow.

I disagree with the notion that the Do of Aikido is a “Way” predetermined to overshadow any other attempts to create an individual way. This is ludicrous on its face, as history consistently proves that nothing has been introduced by man that cannot be made better, more acceptable or more beneficial to those whose flexibility and ingenuity finds the way. Alas for those who feel constrained to fit their egos, self images and basis for self expression within the faulty confines of another person’s inherently fallible definition of the “Way”. Please, haven’t we seen enough of this fallacious kind of thinking? Then again, are we to be so sarcastic, even as the bandito Calvera in the Magnificent Seven opined, “If God did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep!” ? O Sensei was wise enough not to lead us down that slippery slope.

Readers, isn’t it time to return to the core Principles of Aiki, and employ more tolerance, more kindness and more respect for one another? Can we not build better and more harmonious relationships, or civil conversations at least, with the totality of the message of Aiki, as I truly believe the Founder meant it to be.

See you on that Silver Bridge!
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