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Jorge Garcia
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Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:

Your video set-up and marketing has drawn the largest response I have ever heard of. Congratulations on the overwhelming response! Terrific! Thank you for sharing that marketing strategy: I think I might try something similar; just have to find the right place and time.

best wishes on getting this off the ground. 20 new people in one class; that is going to be a tough one to work with, but it sounds like you have it under control.

All the best, Rachel

Thanks Rachel,

There are some situations where it is a natural. This was one of them. It is a new YMCA. Thousands of people have been coming in through that door every day. All the people that may want what we have are there already. Our group has a dojo in Corpus Christi that is in a mall. When we went to our seminar there. I noticed that there were hundreds and hundreds of people passing by and stoping to see what we were doing. The trouble was that we were about 30 feet away and there was a wall divider there. I mentioned to the sensei that he should get three or four ukes and ask permission to be in the front room on a Saturday and have someone there doing techniques with rotating ukes while someone else passed out flyers out in the mall passage area. They have never done it so we have a school with 9 students in a place with thousands of people passing by trying to watch. That is also a situation where someone with a setup like what I did could sit out there all day long talking to people.

To me, its just a matter of will power and realizing that we may have to go out and present what we have to folks. I have no problem doing that because Aikido has blessed my life and I am glad to share it with others. I hope that they can get half the benefit that I have received from it.

By the way, in my arrangement with the YMCA, I have no financial connection with regards to the number of people that sign up. All the money goes to the YMCA. I figure that they bought the mats, they don't charge me rent, and I don't pay utilities and they are giving me access to their constituents so it is alright with me that they get the proceeds. My work is to make them glad that they let me in and for Aikido to be a blessing to them so that we will have a good testimony with them.

I get to practice Aikido and help people and I'm getting a lot of joy from doing this.

Best wishes,

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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