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Jorge Garcia
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Craig Hocker (kironin) wrote:
Hi Jorge !

Congrats on your new group! Best of luck.

I hope things work out really well.


Thanks Craig,

I do appreciate it very much. I have had a lot of cooperation and help from the kind people at the YMCA. The program director there was attracted to my presentation by the description I gave her of Aikido and she said that the values of Aikido and those of the YMCA coincided so well, that she thought we would be a perfect fit. Everyone there is giving us prefered status and I have had 150% support from everyone on the management staff. They have purchased everything I have asked for, sent out advertising, given me use of their copier for flyers and brochures and they have promised me anything else that I need. I couldn't have asked for more.

I hope you and your school are doing well also. I hope to see you around soon. Thanks again.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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