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Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
Do you think though, that it might be well possible to become a talented aikidoist without this type of environment? I certainly do,
Yes, certainly! On the other hand, professors come from poor uneducated families - although not very often.

I should say that "good aikido" maybe was a slightly unlucky word. I should say "interesting aikido", that is, interesting to me. I am sure there are dojos that are equally good, in their line of aikido. I am however too badly in love with this kind of practise to want to have another kind of aikido, even if it is very good measured by it's own standards. So the generous dojo is out of the question, although it is not a question of quality.
Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
There is nothing saying that you won't be able to find an equally good quality dojo without the politicing (for isn't that what it really comes down to) you find at that dojo.
Well, I know what dojos and clubs there are in my town, what kind of aikido they do and who teaches. I tell you, I have exactly the choice I have described.
Daniel Blanco:please speak to the main intructor at the school to correct your interest
Talking to the main instructor would do no good. The people who built this place knew what they are after. They are not interested in a change, they like it the way it is.
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