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Re: A question of style

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Sure. But there are many aikido dojos that recognize the issue and actively seek to address it. There are many aikido dojos which welcome students with experience in other arts. There are many aikido instructors with experience in other arts.
The patching I mentioned before.

*Of course* there are scenarios where aikido fails. Just as there are scenarios where BJJ, judo, kali, krav maga, pepper spray, and firearms will fail.
Well, none of them are self defense methods. BJJ is a sport, judo is physical and moral education, kali is a warrior art, Krav is military combatives, OC and firearms are tools which require self defense training to be used properly in self defense situations.

But there are also scenarios where all of those arts, including aikido, have succeeded.
People have succeeded, not the arts, and be sure you are not falling in a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

So please do tell me, where in the aikido curriculum are verbal deescalation, body language recognition, awareness of environment, self defense law, weapons (both use and defense against) even improvised ones, scenario training, evasion and running, first aid, etc, etc, etc? You know, the things that make self defense systems different from sports like MMA or technologies of the self like Aikido.
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