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Re: I Don't Care That Much

Thanks for your honesty. I'm pretty committed as a budoka. It has changed my life in many ways and led me down paths and made connections that I could never imagine. I found myself just this afternoon by chance of luck helping to introduce jiu jitsu to Senegalese in Dakar. Tomorrow I am going to their national judo dojo to teach. I am excited to help provide opportunities to others. I hope it changes their lives and is as helpful to them as it has been to me. All I can do is give what I have received.

I have no expectations on what others may or may not receive. I teach a 6 am class to beginners in Germany 3 days a week for free. Whoever shows up shows up. I have several regulars and they work hard when I am not there. They grow slowly but we have a good time.

I don't prostelyze or do I really care what they do or don't do. Only that they give their best.

However I don't really desire to waste my time with those that really are not committed and only want to come to entertain themselves. I think the way we train though prevents this.

Anyway..I'd say train or don't train...u get out of it what u put into it.

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