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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
No doubt there are. Funny how you doubt he was being truthful. As I said before "I understand Ueshiba"

An honourable man. A straightforward man. A very aware man. A man of dignity. A man of budo who realized true budo is love. A spiritual man.

When questioning results in understanding there is no more question.

Anyway, just me, understanding the man, quoting the man, showing an example of behaviour given by the man, an example ridiculed earlier. But hey, believe what you want.

People rarely speak the whole truth about themselves, especially in Japan. Anyway, there are plenty of concrete examples where the truth has been "shaded".

After all, his own nephew broke off relations because he didn't consider him to be honorable, no matter what he said about himself.