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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

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The points brought up in this thread RE integrity and permission to teach propriatry knowledge are excellent, but a lot of Aikido (and Koryu) people are attending seminars given by Dan Harden and Minoru Akuzawa, both of whom are teaching material based on teachings received from Daito Ryu groups. They may not have taken Keppan, but ,to the best of my knowledge, All Daito Ryu groups teach their members on the assumption that they will not teach non-members without permission and/or appropriate certification..

Akuzawa and Dan both have undeniable skills, but, in principle, how is what they are doing different from Tenyu is doing? Of course if they have received the appropriate license/permission, this is a non-issue, but it's probably worth clarifying.

I REALLY don't want to start a flame war and I have no personal "thing" against Dan, Akuzawa or anyone else, honestly, but does no-one else see a dichotomy here? Or am I missing something?
Not that anyone cares but...

I've talked to some of the parties mentioned above and they have addressed some of the concerns stated in my post. Looking back, I don't think this was an appropriate place to bring this topic up. It certainly wasn't appropriate to mention the above people in this context , so I apologise to them. I think Tenyu's actions can stand or fall on their own merits.

Regards to all,

Oisin Bourke
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