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Re: Training .... when you are not training

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If someone is asking about Modern aikido, then train in the dojo under those methods. If it's Tohei's aikido, you have his exercises. If it's Kisshomaru's aikido, there are any number of dojos that have different methods. But, don't fool yourself into believing that you are doing Morihei Ueshiba's aikido if you're training in most Modern aikido.

If anyone wants to argue that point, then they are not only arguing with the people from my previous post but with Stan Pranin and a host of others.
Who is fooling themselves otherwise? Nobody is doing Ueshiba's aikido. The point of the thread was things one can do to train, outside the dojo. Tohei's taiso accomplish that. Say what you will about his ability or willingness to explain things clearly enough, but there is plenty of depth in them for those who dig.
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