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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.


Practicing medieval wrestling (on foot on horse with and without Armour) and aikido, I am under the impression that there is lots of similarity between the two, technique wise that is.
It is quite clear that pin him down so that you can do whatever you want to him with you other hand (including stabbing him to satiety). Or in case of emergency/needs, break his arm/leg or strike him where it really hurts, may not be especially aikido minded.
As well, I need to point out that medieval wrestling was to be used in the context of judicial dual, where the loser, if not killed outright, was to suffer a particularly nasty demise.
Non-the-less, we can agree with my understanding that judicial dual participants were relatively motivated to win and used technique that they deemed efficient.
Since, I am of the opinion that aikido share the same technical merits, I would say the degree of use of those techniques is really a personal choice but that the potential is there.

Just a single example, the 3rd bone breaker is very uncannily alike irimi omote shihonague as per the book (either medieval manuscript or an aikido book for that matter).

For those who thinks that the person at the receiving end of the technique goes with the flow; i would say, yes we usually do.

From where I am standing I kind of appreciate the idea that I am being thrown or pinned instead of broken by shiho nague, but that is just me.

Call me "Suzane the big girl blouse" but I do not tend to linger when nikkio is applied and I tend to do my best impression a carpet flying down, especially since I know what’s coming and that i usually find it ever so slightly on the painfull side.


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