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Re: 5kyu test

I am taking the test in about two weeks for 5kyu and my senpai said that I have to be able to do Katatedori Shihonage omote and ura, Shomen-uchi dai Ikkyou, Shomen-uchi irimi-nage, and suwari kokyu-ho and maybe something else that my sensei will have me do at the time but this is also according to the HOMBU Dojo grading system that the college club is going by.

I was doing some research last night and found the USAF has there own set of requirements for 6kyu and 5kyu and so on. Maybe you can look up and see if your dojo is affiliated with a bigger organization and see if they have the requirements online. Or ask your sensei too and other students like Linda said. I don't have the opportunity to talk to my sensei so my senpai tell me what I am expected to be able to do.
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