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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
I also disagree with him on this one and I'd say, from my experience, that his post reflects ignorance of the varieties of Tai Chi practice that can be found.
I have no problem with this assessment. I have not toured the US and Europe thoroughly evaluating all the tai chi lessons that are available. What Paul said resonates with me though, in that there is a great disparity between the proportion of people who talk tai chi up like its some kind of super martial art and the actual tai chi practices I've seen and experienced - some of which were not Yang style, but purportedly more martial. I think many people are easily impressed by tricks or fancily described demonstrations, especially if some air of the ancient or the eastern is craftily incorporated... often not thinking much about whether these have anything to do with proven usefulness or efficacy, or about what is involved in actual fighting or in learning to cultivate any complex athletic performance capability. This same propensity for ready belief is why so much quakery flourishes as so-called "alternative medicine".

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