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Re: What do you think is the most gentle martial art?

Michael Neal wrote:
What do you think is the most gentle martial art?

Personally I would have to say something like Brazilian Jui Jitsu or Judo newaza, not Aikido.

I think that BJJ's application against an attacker on "the street" probably does less damage than most Aikido techniques.

This is not about what style is better just about what is more gentle.
I think it's virtually impossible to enter into a combat situation and be absolutely gentle at the same time. Your attacker is trying to hurt you or worse and they're filled with all this 'negative' energy if you will. If you interrupt that energy from completing it's course which is poudning you into the ground or whatever, of course the end result is not going to be gentle. I would think that the only way to be "gentle" would be to duck and dodge until you could get away.

As far as Tai Chi is concerned, isn't Tai Chi just a subset of the Shaolin system ?

I could be wrong but those monks started learning these forms originally as a form of exercise to keep them from getting stiff and lazy from the constant hours of praying and meditation. Boddhidrahma was the guy's name I believe, right ?

I think the combat aspect of it didn't get discovered until a few years later. But then again that was almost 2,000 years ago so who knows ?

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