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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Hya Paige

Yeah true..but it does depend on the style of aikido too. Nishio style incorporates a lot of atemi and influences from Karate etc which makes it more err "martial" than other styles.

Do we practise aikido to be good fighters though?

Personally if aikido puts me in a position where someone can't significantly hurt me and I have the chance to remove myself from a situation then I'm very happy. Being a "good fighter" hints at causing pain and injury to the other person...something not usually desirable..though again circumstances may dictate the necessicity of this if weapons are involved for example.

I have to admit though the ability to use kicks is of great value...especially in confined areas..on trains etc. My main MA is aikido but it hasn't stopped me investigating Karate etc for this reason.... Some aikido technique do utilise kneeing techniques etc but I think most dojos omit these..

Yet almost every aiki technique gives the opportunity to devastate the opponent if necessary and performed correctly..Kaiten nage for eg allows at least two...



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