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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Keith Kolb wrote:
As I read this question, I have to ponder: just how did I wind up in the full mount in the first place? Being mounted is a dangerous position to be in; even experienced grapplers can have a hard time escaping from it. It is douptfull that I am going to lay down and let an enemy crawl on top of me. Despite what some grapplers believe, there is no magic force that automitically throws "real" fights to the ground once physical conflict occurs. Untrained street thugs fall to the groud easily; martial artists with well developed balance and centers are not so easy to be taken down. First I would have to be taken down, which I will not let happen easily. Then, once on the ground, I will have to be mounted, which I will also not allow easily. There is a pretty unlikely sequence of "what if's" that have to happen. There are only so many "what if's" that a person can reasonably train for. What if you get attacked by a thousand ninjas with machine guns?
The only real "what if" is what if you are attacked by someone that knows how to grapple/groundfight. As Paul has said, there is strong evidence to support the thesis that it is hard to maintain distance - it's much easier for a grappler to force us into their range than it is for us to keep them at ours. And it is EXTREMELY difficult to stay on your feet against someone who wants to take you to the ground - even if they're untrained.
I agree with George - there are aiki principals that apply on the ground and there is no reason we shouldn't teach them in aikido class from time to time. Sure it's not what alot of people have signed up for, but if we don't give people at least some idea of the basic mechanics of the ground game, aren't we being remiss as teachers of a martial art?

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