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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

The irony (on a number of fronts, especially that the sibling thread currently active in this folder is 6 Directions, which some have mistaken for 6 Harmonies) is that so many martial arts still reference the 6 harmonies (Liu He) in their arts' core tenets (the suspicion is that it's a *wink wink nod nod* to those others in the know that the system is part of the "me too I haz universal strength powers") - namely with aikido talking about man bridging heaven and earth by using the INTENT as the gateway to do so, which pays nice reference to the 6 Harmonies whereby the 3 internal harmonies are using Yi (INTENT) to reflect the power of the earth (and gravity) in the body.

If you look at kata - it's as much about teaching strategy, tactics, etiquette, etc. that are part of a martial art and it's cultural underpinnings as it is how to fight. There's a well known precedent of many of the practitioners learning all of the kata, while only a chosen few were shown the gokui (secret teachings) that meant they had true mastery, were inheritors, or approved to transmit the full body of knowledge.
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