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Re: lets try this

Aikido,teaches about your person,it coordinate your body and your mind=your heart.It takes a long time to be honest with your self,Aikido is growth through love,and being human instead of being of the egoic mind.Be good to yourself and your energy expresses that to others in your life,so that combat,is the very last resort.The reason aikido was developed,is to give you a new life style,and it also was developed for smaller people to protect them selves from bigger violent people.Its angles and Ki and breathing skills.So give it a chance it takes years to get it,like it takes years to get good at anything.I would say if you want to train in an offensive martial art,I would say Kempo is the most real for street self defense,lots of kicking and hitting throws just darn right nasty stuff,but your heart will bleed with pain if you had to harm a human being that way.But you have free will.
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