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yes, exactly what I just realized yesterday, misalign uke's head with his spine, "carry" the head with you as you make your own center of rotation.

then, you can throw uke diagonally inside toward your center.

Lead the head, the body shall follows. Sorry for the bad drawing lol , just for illustration purposes.

What I'm thinking now is... What can I do to make uke more unbalanced, as in making his head and spine really misaligned/not straight? Should I make a greater circle of rotation? Shall I side step first after "catching" the head, then tenkan? Or should I keep turning? What do you guys think?
When connecting with uke, move more to the side, in a lateral movement. Uke will be more off-balance than if you just drive his head forward. Uke should basically be on his toes throughout the movement - so long as you don't stop moving or breakup the technique in segments. When uke is connected to your body, uke will move wherever you you can move him as much as you won't require too large a movement on your part. You should always be making uke move more than you.

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