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Re: What is Ki?

Dirk Desmet wrote: View Post
But in fact, at the end of the article, he's actually explaining there's just nothing like KI but he's just using the other one's movement.
Hi Dirk, regarding that quote, I see what you mean. Still, I would like to point out that there is another way to interpret those words.
I couldn't read the article in detail yet but it was clear to me that the person writing it has been exposed to the same "ki" that I am talking about. Though I disagree with some things (like saying there are no exercises or techniques to bring about ki development in your body, and that less effort means more ki), I think the writer was clearly exposed to the lore surrounding correct ki usage.

So-- the quote you presented can be interpreted as correctly using ki. It is not to say it isn't physically present. Consider that "ki" is what your intent commands, and physical movement comes later. In other words ki is a physical phenomenon that occurs between intending to move and moving. Now, that quote becomes something more interesting! What the quote says is that ONE way of playing with ki is to keep making your partner change his intent (this changes his ki). I would say, after getting kuzushi, this is what you are doing in standard techniques to maintain kuzushi, causing movement that is directed by both of you, but ultimately, it is movement that is to your advantage (as nage).
ps yikes Cherie we posted at the same time, I partially echoed what you said.
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