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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
The feeling of discouragement is natural when you haven't explored other martial techniques to add to your repertoire .....
I think the original poster spelled out why he was feeling dsicouraged pretty well, so there is no need to speculate or explain it.


Let's not forget the lessons of Bruce Lee and his research into the science of fighting. Constant, habitual, exhaustive application of researching and applying effective technique is the core to great self defense.

There is some much we can gain by adding to our great martial art, Aikido. Using the core of Aikido and mixing the art with BJJ or Judo is a nice compliment of one another ....
Maybe. However, one could get that from crosstraining without having to "change" anything.

When I resumed studying Aikido in 2004, I had been doing Inosanto Kali since 1997, under Guro Kevin Seaman and Guro Andy Astle; I've continued with Guro Andy since 2003. The empty hand sections of Lacoste Insanto Kali already has kicking and punching combined with trapping and grappling; and the grappling seciton, Dumog, has many locks not unlike those in Aikido. As far as combining categories of techniques together, that's already been done, so I don't see the need for Aikido to do it.

Furthermore, I started Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD last May, and Aikido is one of the arts Bruce Lee drew on! You want to see Aikido comibined with other things? Take a Jun Fan class.

Have you ever heard of anyone calling for Thai Boxing to be expanded by adding grappling to it? Neither have I, yet MMA people use Thai Boxing for their standup game. They draw on it for what they want without arguing that Tahi Boxing must be changed. In the same way, I don't see a problem with a martial artist using Aikido as source material without leaving it alone.

For myself, I'm not going to Aikido to see if they regurgitate what I'm learning in Kali or Jun Fan. The what's the point of doing something different?

It's time for the American Aikidoist to change our mentality of self defense. Cultural, Spiritual Aikido is not for those want self defense.
And where are the people who get into the cultural and spiritual aspects supposed to go? Never mind that by design, Aikido is the most spiritual MA at the outset! If that's where it goes to town, why mess with it? You want to throw that stuff out and pile in Judo and BJJ, that's your busniess. But please leave everyone else alone.
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