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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

I think it's just wrong to reduce martial effectiveness to spiritual concepts and cultural etiquette. Let's stop playing games and give those who want value of what Aikido has to offer the opportunity.

Bruce Lee's, Tao of Jeet Kune Do should be in the library of all serious minded martial artist. Bruce did not bring a new style, but liberation of trained, mind controlling thought process. The idea is to explore the benefits of any art form.

If Aikido is our basis, mixed with Judo and BJJ, this affords a wonderful complementary of martial effectiveness. America is an aggressive society and peace can come from just walking away from an altercation as Bruce Lee has indicated, but there are time when we are cornered like a cat and the only result is defend yourself. Let's be real about the world in which we live in.

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