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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
It's time for the American Aikidoist to change our mentality of self defense. Cultural, Spiritual Aikido is not for those want self defense.
Okay, I'm going to challenge you to defend this position as I believe it's just wrong, especially the last sentence.

I think the conflict between the spirituality of Aikido and the self-defense applications are an invention of those who'd like to turn to jiu-jitsu as a better approach and want to justify their attitude.

Part of the point of an art like Aikido is to consider our responsibilities in defending ourselves as part of our training. I guarantee there will be disagreement among Aikidoists about those responsibilities, but not considering what they should be seems like an abandonment of Aikido to me.

I once quoted someone who said that "Aikido with the wrong attitude is just bad jiu-jitsu" and was challenged with, "What is the right attitude?". It's a good question which I would not be able to answer. I think part of what's important is considering the question, though, and working out an answer for ourselves.

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