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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

It's time for the USAF to endorse or even set policy for mixing of the martial arts. The cultural, spiritual aikido is growing increasingly annoying by many. Some of us want to concentrate more on self defense and less on culture and spiritual concepts.

Martial evolution is essential to insure that we exhaust the effectiveness of self defense. The open minded mentality will ensure that this is carried out. Great attention is needed to modifying and introduce new techniques for countering an attack. This just one small example.

Organizations such as Real Aikido should be embraced for taking the core concepts of Aikido and mixing them with Judo and Jujitsu. Yes there are effective concepts in aikido as it is. The effectiveness has not been exhausted and it's not addressing the growing challenges to modern aggression, the changing world we live in.

I would continue to practice aikido and mix it with Judo or BJJ, as I plan to do. I want a well rounded set of defense application/methodology. This can only be obtained through an open minded approach.

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