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Re: Bokken etiquette

I've trained in a couple of styles that have different bokken etiquette. Here's what we use in the aikido dojo where I currently train.

Carrying: either at left side, hilt forward, edge up, as if in a saya, OR (more casually) hilt in right hand, tip forward and down, edge down
Hand to uke: holding vertically, hand on hilt, point down, edge toward uke. This would have been considered extremely bad manners and an act of aggression in my former style. When in Rome...
When kneeling and getting up, as Phi describes
When moving on knees (i.e., Sensei turns from bowing to shomen to bowing to class): bokken is passed from right to left as Phi describes "when getting up", movement completed, bokken returns to right side.

I think that's pretty much it.
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