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Re: Tomiki Kenji's Attribution of Ueshiba's Skill to "Muscular Training"

"Have you thought about it since???"

Yes, and ya didn't need all the extra question marks to make your point...

"What was happening?"

If I could have told you that, I probably would have, wouldn't I?

"Why can't you explain it?"

Because, as I "thought" I made perfectly clear in my original post, I don't have the slightest clue how it works, because, since I don't have the proper background in the IP stuff, I don't know what's happening. I think of the body's internal structure as a system of levers working on a lattice structure, and it was very clear that my conception is WAY to simplistic. That is as far as I've gotten with it. Flying around to train the way Howard does is for Howard, not for me, since I've got a kiddo in college (not to say that Howard doesn't, but there it is). I would LOVE to know.

"Do you think Howard could do it in any situation?"

No, I don't. He made it clear that he felt he was in the learning state with this stuff, and he was trying to sponge as much of it as he could from Dan harden, and he didn't really understand everything that was happening. Humble. I had hands on him a couple times during the day, and only in that structured setting was he doing what he did with that demo. Put Howard in a judo situation, hands already on movement initiated, and he's as human as any other very damn dangerous, high-level martial artist would be. Scary dangerous human, but human and "within the normal range" if you will. That one demo violated physics, so I obviously don't understand what was happening adequately. I did like it though, a lot.

* By the way, if you guys get a chance to train with Howard, it's a great time. He's not only scary-good at what he does, but he's also hilariously entertaining while doing it.

"By the way, the much maligned "Chris H." can do the very same thing (negating a push while standing square or on one foot or the other."

I don't malign Chris, his stuff sounds spot-on to me. Why is he "maligned?" Just because I can't do something that someone else can do doesn't make me malign them. I can dunk a basketball. Can Chris? Does that make him bad-talk me? I mean, he can bad talk me all he wants because I'm good looking or whatever, I'm not going to throw mud for no personal reason. There's apples and oranges in the world, both are fruit, and both are enjoyable.

Wow, that was a long reply post. Apologies.

I find it interesting that the kanji character for kuzushi illustrates a mountain falling on a house.
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