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Re: Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston

Dan Harden wrote:
Interesting Eric
I continually point out that this knowledge -is- out there in various places and is just not -commonly-known by men (of all styles). And of those that have met those of us who can do these things-What do....they...say? They can't do these things either. How'd that happen Eric? Is it a conspiricy?

If you can' can't. The only thing remaining is whether or not you care-most don't.
And whether or not you doubt it...most do.
And then whether or not you pursue training in it to improve your own arts. Most won't.

Those that do... are and will remain... superior artists.
Still doesn't mean they're better fighters. Thats a whole different topic-one that I also enjoy. Just that they will be far more efficient players in any venue they choose to use these skills in. Further if you read various things I have written I said I hate seeing it mentioned without adding that anyone can train this way. Its out there for anyone who will pursue it. I've also said I hate to see the last vestige of what is truly great in these arts bandied about and used to beat people over the head. The only truck I have is with those who say these skills don't exist? Why? Cause it isn't true.
I'd like to see consistency in a debate.
First it was stated these skills weren't true.
Then various people got to feel it and reported back that it was.
Now its back to personality bashing. You might want to also note Marks comments about laughing and having a great time. I think the sour grapes are entirely with your side. I'm enjoying life and making friends. I hope you are too.

There's nothing wrong with you just writing this off. Maybe there is nothing here for you.


Dan I'm well aware of these things and I'm searching them out and I'll find them, you don't know me so please don't presume to lump me into the category of those who presume to hold themselves or their art in an air of ignorance or superiority. I'm not taking anyone's side just putting in a contrarian point of view. I'm sure you and Mark had a great time, he had nothing but positive things to say. Hopefully our paths will cross one day and you and I can share some training.
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