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Re: Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston

You know Justin... er, I mean, Jim
In the end you are going to get the opposite of what you hoped to accomplish. Either way this goes-few will be pleased.

For starters
That letter you linked too? Was written with the expressed permission of The East Coast director and was read to him prior. Surprise!......
As well, I was publicly thanked... both for -it- and a letter that appeared in Aikido Journal- with copies of that journal passed around at a private training session with Kiyama Shihan and others in the room.

Even that is more than you should be entitled to know or have been told.
1. You need an education in Koryu politics, relationships and being set-up.
2. As well as understanding, obedience, and loyalty.
You are talking about family business, and days gone by.

With that I'll remain silent.....Although there is so much more I can say.
All you are doing is to endear me to those who understand Koryu, and speaking volumes to those who knew me then, and know me now. By taking the hit.....I win.
You on the other hand, are hurting your reputation and comng across like a dullard.

I'm not interested in telling you where I was or those I was with who know you. Nor do I care if you dismiss it.
You can't do the jo work, push out exercises, or much of anything else in-depth that has been discussed on these forums.
So, just continue one with what you are doing.....Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.


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