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Re: Aikikai Kagami Biraki Promotions

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Thank you. I believe that you have been elevated to Shihan status. Right? In Japan there are several types of legal foundation, other than the Aikikai's koeki zaidan hojin and these, too, have a favourable tax situation. As Christopher Li stated, the Aikikai publishes minimal accounts on the Japanese language section of the website, but these do not give much information, especially to the untrained eye.

Best wishes,

Dear Peter
i see that you are aware of my new status.On my part a most unexpected promotion.
Regarding tax structures in general, not just the Aikikai,I am sure that private individuals /companies [like Starbucks in the U.K]use various legally sound,but possible morally suspect methods of tax avoidance.Charitable status/relgious institutions all have tax advantages which are not available to the average worker .Philip Green, the multi millionaire of British Home Stores,recently negotiated with the inland revenue to come to an arrangement regarding his tax setlement.I cannot imagine the tax guys taking time out to negotiate my tax situation.I guess its not always a fair system.
Cheers, joe
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