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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Hi Mike
I'm only using as broad a brush as applies. The practice doesn't apply to those who don't do it. To those that do- I offered another way to think of the interplay.

Mike writes
I know from teaching beginners joint locks that they are unable to absorb the power, and as such their best way of relieving the pain and pressure is a fall or something similar. is not. It's your way, not the best way.
It isn't the best way for new students to relieve the pain and pressure." I train people to defeat me, not surrender to me....from day one.
I have a vested interest in them undoing what folks try to do to them.
The reason I mentioned locks is that from what I have experienced and watched on video for years there is a tendency toward pacivity and sacrifice of postion to the point of throwing yourself as an answer to something that is easily trained to be a low-level threat in the first place. And much more easily and tactfully dealt with in the second. Which is why I said Ukemi from locks is really just a way for Aikidoka to play in what they think is a flow and tyo have fun catching air. Playing like that is fun. "Thinking" like that in a real confrontation is weak.
Another way to go in training is to learn to lock and train to blow it up. Both parties learn. And the true value of that type of training gives a stable platform to continue to subdue, strike down, or control.
Anyway, as I stated there are ways to train men in recieving their technque and ever increasing resistense to build their skills to the point that they look at me or at others seniors and they watch how we recieve and don't sacrifice position as they apply things and they have a different model formed in their minds-eye... than giving up. On an external, technical, level it is inherently logical and flows. The body training makes it even more substantial.
To say it another way the first step toward failure is gving up.
Having intent in all you do- leads to many opportunities previously unseen.
I think the old Budo guys knew and know this still.


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