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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight - Indeed!

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Yo dude. All good thanks.

My posts lately? I've said from day one the basics are spritual and real. So nothing new there.

The quotes I see are indeed to do with building such and such a body, hence physical. Based on getting the body to be able to take and give back and 'reflect' etc.etc. Physical emphasis. That's fine for it reaches the masses and then Aiki can be some physical/mental exercise.

Spiritual is not mental. The only mental process that should be going on in Aikido is making the mind still, quiet, it can't do anything but get in the way.

Do you know what feeling is? It's not physical and it's not mental. It's not even emotional. It's spiritual.

I can tell easily enough by the comments of what if someone does this to you or grabs you in such a way or uses extreme force.
They are talking physical body, they are saying you are a body.

I am not a body my friend. I have a body, it is a vessel, a very miraculous vessel, an alive vessel. I am responsible for it but I in truth am not it.

Therefore when someone says I will wrestle you to the ground it is amusing for they are saying they will wrestle centre or one point thus they are already mistaken.

Universal love is spiritual, you can spiritually feel it which just means reach it and and accept it and in so doing feel the effects on and in the body and on your own spiritual space as well as the physical space around you. It's all good and it's all real and it's Kokyu.

As far as religions go my view is that their basic forgotten responsibility is that they are meant to be there to help with a persons spiritual health, spiritual well being but being 'human' degrade into places of control and 'power' bases. Inverted to the truth of their own existence.

You know what the inversion of love is? Control my friend.

Thus you teach the power of love and people twist it and focus on control. Inverted.

Now apply that one datum to relationships and you'll see a lot of the illogical make sense. It's inverted love.

The path of Aikido as far as I'm concerned is back to true self which is a sentient harmonious being. Thus what O'Sensei said makes perfect sense to me.

Keep up the good work.

Hey, thanks for the reply - glad to see your still as whacky as ever, but that's cool - keep on keeping

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