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Re: Just my thoughts

"Martial Art". What does this mean? What does "Martial imply"? Give this some thought.

Is Karate a "Martial" art? Some may say yes. Ok, if this is your stand, what is karate "Martial" in relation to? Martial can be defined in various ways and taken in various context. For example, Martial can mean the following: military or warlike, superior, etc..

Karate is a classical art and in my opinion, karate is only "Martial/superior" to the common layman. I reason this because most other arts of "Martial Ways" fall into a category of being more complex and diverse such as kung fu, jujitsu, aiki jujisu, aikido, etc.

While some arts are a culmination of differnt methodologies becaue they characterize resemblence of arts predeveloped, they stand unique and individual becuase of their ideology and principles. This is where aikido comes in.

Like many of you, I had humble beginings in several differnt brands of karate such as shodokhan, american free style, etc. etc. and have even dabled into ninjitsu which after years of fascination, discovered it was a flop.

Im my opinion, Aikido is the most effective art thus truely deserving of the title "Martial". In my experience, it is vastly superior to the likes of karate, BJJ, judo, etc. It agrees with me mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

There is no such thing as bad aikido, there is only a possibility of a bad aikidoka. When one trains aikido wtih sincereity and shugyo, one becomes a single flesh with philosophies cultivated through hard work and meditation. Through this, a certain level of understanding occurs and you no longer see things the way you used to. You preconcieve uke's movement, things move in slow motion and you have a feeling of ample time to make any move you want, etc etc.

When you have this, you have the harmony between heaven and earth O-sensei talked about. Your mind and body is linked to the very environment in which you are standing and you can use the force of nature to champion the foe and become the victor no matter what life's situation is. The ability to conduct your life force and master your environment is in essence, "Martial".
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