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Re: Difficult uke or bad technique?

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Not in any dojo or in any field in which I've actually learned anything.
I don't know of any endeavor in which a person is supposed to learn by being unsuccessful 98% of the time. You have to be allowed to develop the gross movements by practicing them fully, not by being repeatedly stymied in them.
Others have posted here the very apt analogy that you cannot learn to drive if every time you start to press the accelerator the instructor hits the brake.
I've heard it suggested by others who are very good teachers that 80-90% success rate is what slowly develops knowledge and ability, the proportionally much smaller failure rate being where the manageable challenge to hone skills lies.
And what is the result on the character of Nage if his attacker is falling down every time for nothing? He creates in his head plenty of false ideas. I.e. I don't need to use the muscles to throw somebody -- of course!!!! Uke is jumping down by himself! And because of constant repetition of the success, the physical feedback from uke reinforces this idiocy.

It is not all. Such Nage then see in all other combat sports people struggling hard to throw somebody, but him, no! He is doing it effortless….EVERYTIME!......the conclusion? Our art is superior to others! Also morally superior, as he can realize his ideals without violating or beating other people…

And he develops a false pride, false perception, lack of respect, false confidence in his martial abilities…etc…we are talking here about perfect human being…

So Janet, what exactly did you learn with 90% of success? After all these long years of training, can you face with confidence stronger, violent, full of hate, possible with weapon, attacker on the street?


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