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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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Can you do the martial art without the "philosophy".

Hi there!By the way Annita, nice post!David in my opinion your question is identical to the previous one, but in a "negative-film-to-a photograph" kind of way.So the answer again is no, but the reasons are actually the same.In the case of aikido the peaceful philosophy springs from the way that the technique requires being relaxed and in harmony with the attacker in order for it to be effective.In that way the practical aspect of aikido, the waza, gives birth to the philosophy,so if your aikido is correct on a technical level the philosophy is already there.That means that if one would strip aikido of its philosophical aspect he would actually be performing joint manipulations and wrist locks using brute force, violence and a lot of...ignorance of ki and kokyu thus redusing to a fighting method that is no longer an art.And the magical thing is that it would also be less effective on a practical level, that's how aikido works,you have to be one physically, mentally and aware of your ki and the way to extend it.
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